The Vicarage Low Drag Coupe

Faithful reproduction of the original Low Drag Coupe body designed by Malcolm Sayer in 1964 for the Linder / Nocker race team has been completed by Vicarage Motorcars (US). The original car was fitted with a ZF 5 speed and ran successfully at Goodwood as well as other circuits in the UK and at Le Mans ( tag# 4868WK) where she was lying 5th in class when gearbox and brake problems caused her to retire. She was rated originally at 322bhp and then 344bhp after some exhaust tweaking.

The Vicarage car has been fitted with a Vicarage Spec. JT5 5 speed gearbox - a proven transmission with both sprint and long distance victories to its credit. This box is fitted to all Vicarage Jaguars for both road and race applications.This particular car is the subject of a BBC (English Television) program called Top Gear. It will show the car racing at Goodwood in February of 2000.

The 4.5L engine is currently developing 320 bhp at the rear wheels for road application which could be increased to over 350 bhp for full race use similar to several of the Vicarage developed racing Jaguar E-Types running in Mexico, Spain, and the UK. The weight of the fully loaded car is 995 kilos or just under 2200 lbs. and she records a top end of 170 mph while achieving 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. The Vicarage head work on the engine offers exceptional torque using standard cams, Webber DCOE 45s, and ignition is provided through an Electromotive HPV-1 System.

Modern breaking is achieved through the fitment of AP 4 pot calipers and vented discs in the front. The wheels are Dunlop racing 15 inch peg drive with 7.5" rims in the rear and 7" on the front. For road race purposes and historic association the car is shod with classic Dunlop full race cross ply rubber 6.00 in the rear and 5.50 in front. The tyre pressures are 26 PSI all around and allow for progressive slip while cornering. Full race radial tyres can also be fitted.

In this instance the Low Drag will also have the original ( modernized version ) SII road car air conditioning installed.

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